A smart, wearable solution that empowers physicians and DVT patients by providing on-the-go monitoring and as-needed treatment.

Incubated by IntuitiveX

the problem


Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) and Pulmonary Embolisms (PE) result in over 100,000 annual deaths, twice that of breast cancer. Here is an opportunity to drive market awareness of DVT and address risk factors.



Circulex is a simple solution designed to address DVT risk factors via a smart compression sleeve utilizing neuromuscular electrical stimulation and cloud-based software. A user’s mobility is tracked and notifications are provided when detectable concerns arise. This smart device reduces DVT risk factors while providing both users and healthcare professionals with comprehensive user data that might not otherwise be attainable.




The total available market, inclusive of DVT at risk cases, is 445M. Circulex will target the travel segment of 108M in year 1, adding the hospitalization segment of 35M year 2, and the related segments of 188M year 3. The segmented available market for Circulex in years 1-5 is 271M, which at $99 per unit, totals available revenue of $27B in first 5 years. Based on estimated and scalable market penetration of .25% - 1.0% during these initial years, revenue is projected to beat $223M by year 2021.

Raising $1.5M for:

  • Product manufacturing

  • Pilot launch to retail market

  • FDA testing & approval



CEO: Simon Robinson, MBA

CMO: Jeffrey Roh, MD, MBA

CFO: Jason Sugianto, MBA

Marketing: Christyn Putulowski, MBA

Product: Jason Duncan, MBA

Sales: Herb Portillo, MBA