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Own Your Health

Incubated by IntuitiveX



Patients and providers each make significant compromises when it comes to healthcare. Health insurance companies and large systems wield concentrated power over the healthcare ecosystem limiting patients from making decisions without concern for strenuous cost and the provider from giving the best care without limitations. 



Our streamlined software solution improves patient-provider engagement by offering quick search and online booking, price transparency, package deals, and telemedicine. 

Patients will be able to truly take charge of their healthcare through the ability to receive, store and share personal health records through their mobile device. This centralized EMR system allows providers to quickly access a patient’s full records and make comprehensively-informed decisions in real-time.




CEO: Susan Kataoka

CMO: Jeffrey Roh, MD, MBA, MSTM

CRO: Gerald Soto, MSMT

VP of Information Technology: Michael Song, MSTM

Technical: Gregor Purdy

Medical: Dr. Erik Suh

Medical: Dr. George Min

Dental: Dr. Lina Kim