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Open spinal surgery comes with the risk of the large open incision increasing risk of infection, the increased risk of blood loss during surgery, increased healing time with decreased mobility, and increased pain. 

Other minimally invasive surgical procedures to the spine mitigate these risks, but they do not provide scarless results.



Smaller incision at the navel that disappears within 4 weeks post-op. providing patients who are body-image conscious with scar-less surgery, reduces surgical trauma and shortens recovery time. Surgeons receive specialized implant and instruments that enable the procedure as well as an appealing procedure that helps them grow their practice.



Anterior Spinal Surgery Market (U.S.)

  • 45,000 Anterior spine surgeries performed annually

  • Target ASP for implant/instrument kit: $5,000

  • Addressable market: $300M

  • ($115M specific to NovApproach - L3/4 & L4/5)

  • 5% estimated market growth rate


Inventor/Founder: Raymond Cloutier

Clinical Advisor: Dr. Michael MacMillan

Technical and Regulatory Advisor: Dawn Lissy

Sales & Marketing Advisor: Michael Wefers

Technical and Business Advisor: Andy Choi

Medical Advisor: Jeff Roh, MD