Closed Loop Incubation

We have developed a closed loop incubation model which allows our experts to collaborate directly with our clients. As a result, we are all on the same page and nothing gets lost in translation when bringing an idea to life.

From initial concept to final commercialization, we have the in-house knowledge and network of resources to oversee testing, product development, prototyping, FDA, FTC, and legal compliance. We also connect our clients with financing sources, create forecast models, and perform data analytics.

Integrated Management Team

Beyond the typical GP, IntuitiveX brings industry, growth, and management expertise and by doing so, obviates the need to staff full management teams for each entity. This enables the ability to maintain a lower burn rate for a longer period of time, thereby creating more attractive compounded returns for the investor.



It takes grit, vision and an innate resilience to brave the ideation process and build a roadmap to commercialization. Due to current systems unique to the life sciences, the process is incredibly complex, costly and time-intensive. This creates a huge barrier to entry into an industry that is not only ripe for innovation but also impacts lives around the world.